There is a point when the set goes quiet and the story is all that exists. The hard graft that everyone on the production has put into the project meets as a larger collective and makes a series of moments. On-screen or on stage, the distractions are gone and the story, whatever it is, simply gets told as the truth.

I have had my journey of exploration and Discovery, asked so many questions till I know my character inside and out. I have given all I have to be curious about why the character is there - to be fully multi-dimensional. I try to bring this detailed homework but most importantly, be intuitive, physical, and to be as malleable as putty while I continue to explore, guided by the person who can see the bigger picture. The director.

To know the lines, forget the lines, commit to the lines, and say them again as if I have never said them before.

That’s a privilege and fun and I try not to take myself too seriously although I am serious about what I do,
I try to remember to have fun - I’m just acting and I’m not really saving someone’s life on the front line –

but I might be just lucky enough be a part of a story about someone who did.








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