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The Spirit of Jack Cade 

A Shakespearian radio drama recorded in my home studio helped to keep me creative during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Much of this concoction of Verse and Prose is stolen from countless Shakespeare plays, with over half the material written by myself and my friend the late, BBC radio playwright, Peter Wolf. This production is dedicated to you, Peter.

It has original music composed by the Austrian composer Norbert Zehm.

If you are here, thank you so much for coming. I hope you will find that as you disappear into the story, you will be transported away into a world of returning spirits and past history
... and above all will be entertained!

As a fiction podcast on an epic scale, the sound design is inspired by the terrific BBC radio drama 'Tumanbay'. To enjoy the stereo soundscapes I have created, please do listen with headphones if you can ...or in the car!


Jack Cade is the leader of an English revolution that took place in 1450. London was marched on by 40,000 commoners in order to complain about misrule and corruption by King Henry VI Barons and advisers.

In my sound-designed radio drama, Cade is brought back to the present day by 'The three Fates' In ancient greek mythology these three spirits are the incarnations of destiny.  They reveal to Cade the ‘Complete Works of Shakespeare’ and the play Henry VI in which he features and bid him discover his ordained 'part' within. 

As Cade reads back over his place in English history, often described with hindsight as the precursor to the War of the roses, he realises he is gravely misrepresented. The ‘Bard’ has completely destroyed his cause and character and he is compelled to recount his true version of events.


However as his stories are recanted, shockingly, he is faced with the realisation that leading his revolution came at a cost greater than he could have ever imagined –

Jack Cade.JPG
A panel of a 1964-1965 ceramic mural in Peckham,
by Polish artist Adam Kossowski
(cc) image from Peter Gasston.


Music and effects

Special Thanks to all the artists, creatives, and composers included in the production, who placed their sound effects and music in the PUBLIC DOMAIN

This soundscape radio drama uses many effects and music from Freesound, so special thanks to them at (Donation made) – without their site, this project would have been impossible!


Special thanks for my main themes...

Cade's main themes.

Gates of Heaven Music
by theojt

Synthesised choir
by hardwareshaba at

Thomas main theme 




In addition, a big THANK YOU to the artists below who kindly share their sound effects and music under the creative commons 0 license.

Tomlija -
Public Domain and I have let him know where the track was used.

Crowd Recordings Crowd/Mob/Riot Noise (Voices Only) - 14 people, 2 minutes HENRY VI 
Public Domain and I have let him know where the track was used.

Kevzog - Medieval Music Bear Burrow.


Medieval Music by Själ on Hunehals Borg.mp3


Market day Open game art org


Brandon Morris Medieval Acid/weird strings

Medieval Battle BY KRIS KLAVENES.mp3




Special Thanks to Yap audio productions for making available their
15 sounds in their Medieval Combat Pack available for non commercial use

YAP audio Production Creative Commons 3 license

* license: Attribution Noncommercial

76327__Timbre Choir_glissando_crescendo_reverb.wav


J Shaw "Hammering Nails, Close, A.wav" by InspectorJ
( of

Elan Hinkler  Soundscapes: Heaven and Hell » gates-of-heaven

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