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It's a pleasure to work with an actor who's so passionate and exacting about his art. Brett just seems to fit into the character so well, he makes the words on the page real!

Chris Loizou​
Director : Untitled - The film

I enjoyed in all aspects working with Brett Fancy on our short film Augmented. His ease with taking direction, and ability to offer up ideas on the fly, helped immensely on the low-budget set where we had little time. I would more than happily work with him again in the future.

Ross Peacock
Director : Augmented

Super professional and also adaptable to different styles of directing depending on the scene.  And I still marvel at how you went all in on the physical stuff and threw your body off a hill with no questions asked! 

Travis Long
Director : KILL ME NOW


Brett Fancy - Spotlight photo 2021.jpg


Brett fancy - Showreel 2021

Brett fancy - Showreel 2021

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Two of my movies you may like to watch for free

1:25 Full Movie

Kill Me Now is a modest, independently produced horror comedy that managed to exceed any sort of expectations...

For anyone out there looking for fun and unusual indie horror movie, I'd definitely recommend Kill Me Now if you're looking for laughs and not gore.


Speaking about the killer (played by Brett Fancy), I loved him, not only does he have a rad nickname, the ‘Driller Killer’ but he’s also super cool. He has the same sort of erudite charm and sophistication of Hannibal Lecter (right down to the classical music playing in his van) with a little bit of the mother obsession of Norman Bates and yet he’s not a complete monster, and the movie isn’t afraid to make him look a little bit ridiculous while still presenting him as a credible threat. A good example of this is when he catches the hammer thrown at him, a pretty badass thing to do, but he ruins it by talking about how he didn’t even practice it. He’s funny and mildly threatening, but more important he’s believable as the kind of killer who would drill holes in people’s heads. I also want to add that the actor made a specific choice in this role, and it’s one that could have easily been overplayed but he did a tremendous job that fits right in with the tone of this movie.

"A brilliant blend of comedy and horror."

"is it groundbreaking cinema. no. is it fun and did I like it. yes."


A short film set in the near future,
where augmented reality has become so ubiquitous that the line between the real and virtual worlds have become blurred.

"One of the best stories about hi-tech espionage I have seen." 

"This definitely has television series potential!!"


"Loved it. Very entertaining."

"Really enjoyed this little gem."

"Well THAT was cool."

"I loved this one!! Such a creative story. They made the absolute most out of 2 characters and 3 scenes. Hats off!!!"

"really well done, loved the actors in this one."

"Ah, I love a film with a good plot twist"

"WOW!!!! Very intense! This technology would definitely be frightening to use. Just imagine that with this technology,"

"That is the future indeed. Great ideas in this video."


"Outstanding ... saw the plot twist coming but the hook is in deep - what network is running the show?:-)"

"Awesome! Make it a movie!!"


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